Lucky for life is the new multistate lottery game launched by Kentucky Lottery

The new multistate lottery game launched by Kentucky Lottery is named as Lucky for Life which offers winners $1000 every day for the rest of their life. If you are a winner and want to protect your family you can ask for an option wherein the $1000 will be paid to your estate for a minimum period of 20 years in case you die. The tickets for this lottery game are structured in the same manner as Powerball jackpot and are already on sale. Kentucky is selling tickets of Lucky for Life lottery at $2 each and will be drawn every Monday and Thursday. Winners are chosen on the basis of five numbers selected at random from a bundle of 48 numbers and one ball based number which is referred to as Lucky Ball and is drawn from set of 18 numbers.


Winning odds

The spokesman for the Lucky for Life lottery stated that odds for a lottery buyer matching all the six numbers are one in 30.8 million. You also have a chance to win cash reward of $5.75 million. Players of Lucky for Life that are able to match only 5 lucky numbers but are unable to match the Lucky Ball will be regarded as second prize winners. This lucky winner will be eligible for payout of $25000 every year throughout his life and in case of his unfortunate death the amount is paid to his estate for 20 years.


Prizes of Lucky for Life lottery

Besides the two top prizes, players can expect to win eight more cash prizes depending on their matching numbers. According to the CEO of Kentucky Lottery, several players had worries about how the money will be distributed if they suddenly die after winning the jackpot and. To allay these fears the firm has made a strong commitment to make payments directly to the estate of the winner’s estate after death. Results of weekly draws can be checked online at Kentucky Lottery’s website.

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