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More than the Games https://www.morethanthegames.com Online Games, Casino Bonus & more Sat, 19 Jan 2019 14:47:12 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.9 Types Of Keno Games And Bets https://www.morethanthegames.com/types-of-keno-games-and-bets/ Thu, 12 Nov 2015 14:27:11 +0000 https://morethanthegames.com/?p=233 In Keno, winning has no correlation with the amount of money bet. Even with a bet of only a dollar, a player could win a large amount of money, exceeding $1,000. So the game is taken up by younger gamblers. However, keno betting could turn out to be more complex than simply selecting a few numbers. A more exotic bet increase your chance to win.

Keno Games

Types of bets in keno

  • Standard bet: The player marks a number set on keno ticket. The bet is simple as the player hopes that these numbers will be called up.
  • Way bets: The player bets on several number groups within the same game. Assorted number combinations must be selected from preferred number groups. The bet could be tricky and players find it harder to to track the selections they have made earlier. The main advantage of Way Bets is that they provide an advantage not provided by Standard Bets – the player can win a lot of small amounts at consistently quicker rates.
  • Split Bets: The player can mark numerous numbers’ groups within same keno game. In case of Split Bets, of the player bet $4 on each group, the total bet would be $8.
  • Combinations bets and king numbers: In such a case, different Standard Bets are combined in one game with contrasting styles. Each of the combination bets costs a total betting unit. The bet termed King Keno is a combination of bets with twist. It asks you to select one or multiple selected numbers so that they can be king numbers.


The player should regularly review the bets to improve the chances of winning at keno. The main advantages of online keno are that the percentages of payout are much higher compared to casinos located in land. There are a number of opportunities to win huge jackpots as well.

Skylanders Spinoff Digital Card Game Battlestar to Include Real Cards https://www.morethanthegames.com/skylanders-spinoff-digital-card-game-battlestar-to-include-real-cards/ Wed, 16 Sep 2015 01:38:04 +0000 https://morethanthegames.com/?p=222 Set to release in 2016, the new Skylander spinoff ‘Battlestar’ is a digital card game for the iOS and Android systems. To play the game, players needs to scan in their favorite Skylander and villains from either digital or real cards. Starter packs and booster packs will be available when the game releases. A free to play digital card game , Battlestar has both a single player mode and a player versus player mode that can be used to play against others online. The main selling point of Battlecast is the ability to scan in real cards using mobile devices, and this adds another dimension to interactive gameplay.

Skylanders Spinoff Digital Card Game Battlestar to Include Real Cards

The Skylander franchise

Published by Activision, the Skylanders video game series features toys that come to life and fend off monsters. Already over the $3 billion mark in revenue, Activision is looking to sell Battlestar with an added edge. A subsidiary of Avtivision, Blizzard released the card game ‘Hearthstone’ that was massively popular and saw at least $30 million players engaging with it. Hearthstone makes an estimate $20 million per month but Activision is looking to push finances further with Skylander’s Battlestar. The Skylanders franchise has always combines video games with real toys making for a unique form of interaction and gameplay. Selling oner 250 million figurines in addition to video games, the Skylanders franchise is all set to try to be Activision’s next greatest success.

Reception to Skylanders

Most games in the Skylanders franchise have been successful, and as of 2011 entered the list of one of the top twenty top selling video game franchises of all time. Activision has constantly updated the features of the game and all four games in the Skylander franchise have consistently received a positive reviews from major gaming portals.

Facts About Craps https://www.morethanthegames.com/facts-about-craps/ Thu, 16 Jul 2015 01:27:09 +0000 https://morethanthegames.com/?p=214 It is easy to get carried away at a gambling game inside of a casino. For example, poker and blackjack players become intensely involved in bluffing or determining if their opponents are bluffing. People playing the slot machines fall into a madness of inserting coin after coin. Craps is no different. People often get carried away cheering as a roller battles against the laws of probability to win big. This makes the game fun! However, it can make you forget to think about some of the small things involved in a game of craps. For example, the term for the five dot pattern on a side of one of the dice is called a “quincunx.” Who knew?

facts about craps

There are other fascinating factoids about the game of craps. Do you know how deep the dots are on a pair of dice? The dots are 17/1,000th of an inch deep. Also, the paint used to make the dots visible is calculated to weigh the same amount as the dice material lost in the drilling process. This makes the dice fair! Another factoid involves the slang used around a craps table. For example, sometimes you might hear somebody say, “Yo.” This word is used around the craps table to represent the dice showing the number eleven. This is to prevent confusion with the number seven. The numbers sound alike, and it is hard in a noisy casino to distinguish between the words. What a great idea!

There are lots of other fun tidbits of information about craps. If you really enjoy this gambling game, you should take the time to learn a little about its history. It can make fascinating conversation as you wait to join a game!

Canada’s Gaming Summit https://www.morethanthegames.com/canadas-gaming-summit/ Thu, 14 May 2015 15:16:54 +0000 https://morethanthegames.com/?p=206 The Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino (Ontario) was the venue for the 2015 Canada Gaming Summit which took place between June 16 and 18. Known as the premier gaming annual exhibition and conference, the event was organised by MediaEdge Communications and the Canadian Gaming Association.

The Canada Gaming Summit featured a variety of different sessions

Organisers and objective

The event which took place over a span of three days had various sponsors including gaming regulators like Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission and Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, along with famous gaming companies like IGT, Aristocrat Gaming and Amaya.

The objective of the Summit was to offer an opportunity to professionals from various gaming industry segments to have an interaction with one another, display their services and products, find prospective partners and customers.

Reports suggest that over 1,500 industry professionals and suppliers had been invited to attend the event. In addition to this, 95 percent of those who attended the previous year’s Summit had claimed that they surely be present for the 2015 Summit as well.

Highlights of the Canada Gaming Summit

The Canada Gaming Summit featured a variety of different sessions, where industry experts discussed important issues such as promoting responsible gambling, problem gambling, the scope of popular industry segments (mobile and online gaming) etc.

During these panels, the attendees were also given the opportunity for presenting and acquainting themselves with plans and strategies which would enable them to acquire more customers.

Other topics of discussion at the conference included charitable gaming, human resources, legal matters and food & beverage.

Besides all these sessions, the Summit also featured an exhibition. Various globally recognized firms such as GTECH, Aristocrat Gaming, Synectics, and Scientific Games etc. showcased their latest services and products at this exhibition. Synectics also celebrated its 10th anniversary of entering the gambling market in Canada.

Bwin Agrees to NetEnt games https://www.morethanthegames.com/bwin-agrees-to-netent-games/ Thu, 30 Apr 2015 07:30:48 +0000 https://morethanthegames.com/?p=199 Gambling industry giant Bwin.party made an announcement stating that from now on they would be providing games being created by Swedish casino tech company Net Entertainment. Both companies had initiated the deal in 2014.

First time Bwin.party choosing to use third party games

BwinThis is the first time that Bwin.party has chosen to use a third party developer’s games. Bwin.party almost exclusively used to offer in-house games developed for them. Using this approach the company would dedicate funds to other parts of the company.

Being one of the few gaming companies to offer exclusively developed in-house games in the past, Bwin.party has been unable to keep up the rate and frequency of newly desired games by the market and has fallen behind on the times. Constantly developing and producing new games takes up a large amount of resources and manpower.

Using third party developer games, Bwin.party will have the chance to refresh its array of games at a small fraction of the cost needed to create new in-house games.

Impressive line up

According to Bwin.party group director Golan Shaked, they have been extremely impressed with NetEnt’s content catalogue as well as the graphic quality of their work. Bwin.party embarked upon a journey to enhance their offerings by choosing to focus on upgrading their content and gaming platform.

Bwin.party is one of the biggest online gambling companies in the industry. During recent times, the company experienced very little growth and expansion. Misappropriation and misallocation of resources and investments were to blame for the company’s state of affairs.

Net Entertainment is one of the biggest casino technology developers. The company is known for its high quality games with innovative features and sleek, cutting-edge graphics.

Korean Emerges Triumphant in Baccarat Tournament https://www.morethanthegames.com/korean-emerges-triumphant-in-baccarat-tournament/ Thu, 19 Mar 2015 08:43:54 +0000 https://morethanthegames.com/?p=178 Jang Jong Hwan bested more than 120 other professional baccarat players.

In early January of 2015, one lucky and skilled Korean man took home the grand prize at one of the first professional baccarat tournaments to be held at the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino.

Jang Jong Hwan bested more than 120 other professional baccarat players from countries across Asia, including Korea, China and Japan. Hwan won the first place prize of $100,000 at the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino’s first Baccarat Challenge of 2015. More tournaments are scheduled later in the year, and the island of Tinian is setting itself up as a baccarat player’s paradise.

Hwan accepted a symbolic check of his winnings from the grinning mayor of Tinian, J.P. San Nicholas, in the banquent hall of the Tinian Dynasty. Only twelve players out of an initial 120 made it to the final round of the tournament.

The second place prize of $24,000 went to Au Kar Ming, from China. The only woman to make it to the final table of the tournament, Manyee Monique Leung, walked away with the third place prize of $10,000. The fourth to twelfth place winners received $1,000 each. The Tinian Dynasty tournament drew baccarat players from all over Asia. Mayor San Nicolas said he was extremely pleased with the turnout and the caliber of the players who attended.

The Mariana Islands are becoming a hotspot for gamblers from across Asia and the world. The island of Tinian, in particular, is a favored destination for gambling. The Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino has established a reputation for challenge and luxury among professional baccarat players.

There are several more baccarat tournaments scheduled at the Tinian Dynasty over the coming year, and it seems assured that Tinian is set to become a paradise for baccarat players from Asia and around the world.

Lucky For Life New Lottery Announced By Kentucky Lottery https://www.morethanthegames.com/lucky-for-life-new-lottery-announced-by-kentucky-lottery/ Fri, 13 Feb 2015 11:31:52 +0000 https://morethanthegames.com/?p=163 Lucky for life is the new multistate lottery game launched by Kentucky Lottery

The new multistate lottery game launched by Kentucky Lottery is named as Lucky for Life which offers winners $1000 every day for the rest of their life. If you are a winner and want to protect your family you can ask for an option wherein the $1000 will be paid to your estate for a minimum period of 20 years in case you die. The tickets for this lottery game are structured in the same manner as Powerball jackpot and are already on sale. Kentucky is selling tickets of Lucky for Life lottery at $2 each and will be drawn every Monday and Thursday. Winners are chosen on the basis of five numbers selected at random from a bundle of 48 numbers and one ball based number which is referred to as Lucky Ball and is drawn from set of 18 numbers.


Winning odds

The spokesman for the Lucky for Life lottery stated that odds for a lottery buyer matching all the six numbers are one in 30.8 million. You also have a chance to win cash reward of $5.75 million. Players of Lucky for Life that are able to match only 5 lucky numbers but are unable to match the Lucky Ball will be regarded as second prize winners. This lucky winner will be eligible for payout of $25000 every year throughout his life and in case of his unfortunate death the amount is paid to his estate for 20 years.


Prizes of Lucky for Life lottery

Besides the two top prizes, players can expect to win eight more cash prizes depending on their matching numbers. According to the CEO of Kentucky Lottery, several players had worries about how the money will be distributed if they suddenly die after winning the jackpot and. To allay these fears the firm has made a strong commitment to make payments directly to the estate of the winner’s estate after death. Results of weekly draws can be checked online at Kentucky Lottery’s website.

Plaor Starts 2015 with New Slot Launch https://www.morethanthegames.com/plaor-starts-2015-with-new-slot-launch/ Tue, 27 Jan 2015 10:57:01 +0000 https://morethanthegames.com/?p=155 There can never be too many slot games in a casino. Plaor, Inc. proves it by launching a new slot game in 2015. The new game called the ‘Riches of the Sea™’ has been developed by its partner company 2 By 2 Gaming.

Riches of the Sea slot game

 Features of the new game

‘Riches of the Sea™’ is a video slot game with five reels and with pay lines numbering 30. The sea in the name refers to the theme of the game, which features a beautiful seabed and mermaids. As of now the game is available at Mega Fame Casino & Slots™, which is a social casino and offers many other slot games as well as other casino games. The new slot is also available to play on Facebook, Apple and Android devices.

Quality slot games by 2 By 2

2 By 2 Gaming is an independent company that develops slot games. Its clients include land casinos and online gaming companies. Its slot games are current on innovation and excitement factor. This is the fifth game developed by them for CrowdGather, Inc. which owns Plaor, Inc. The two companies plan to launch many more fun slot games in the future.

Multiplatform games by Plaor

Boston-based Plaor is known for dealing with multiplatform games. It is the company behind Mega Fame Casino. This social casino offers celebrity tournaments every week and is one of their best features enjoyed by their more than 20,000 active gamers.

Plaor development team consists of industry veterans as well as talented newcomers from the field of casino gaming to create and produce social gaming products. With the support of CrowdGather, the company is becoming a leading name in casino game development and hopefully soon it will produce and offer many new social and multiplatform games and delight its fans.

Siege the Castle at Win a Day https://www.morethanthegames.com/siege-the-castle-at-win-a-day/ Fri, 26 Dec 2014 17:48:49 +0000 https://morethanthegames.com/?p=148 Win A Day Casino has a new slot game offering for its players. The game – Castle Siege – explores a battle theme and is set in the medieval times. It was a time when knights defended the land. Here players get to go along a knight’s quest for the treasure inside the castle.

Castle Siege Slot Game

 Winning features of the game

Castle Siege contains a wild symbol – sticky and is the first game at Win A Day with the new feature. The sticky wild replicates during free games. It can mean big wins for the players during the free games.

The ultimate goal of the quest is the complete destruction of the castle. It can be achieved after players activate the bonus round. The winning is in line with the destruction. With more destruction players win more. It could mean winning at least one of the progressive jackpots for the lucky players.

About Win A Day

Win A Day Casino is known for its fun slot games. It offers more than 30 slot games that are all unique and premium. Additionally it also offers around 15 penny slot games, video poker, keno and blackjack.

Win A Day is also known for its promotions. To celebrate the launch of Castle Siege it ran exciting promotions all through December 2014. There were multiple bonuses and free deposits. And to top it all they also had a draw with a prize pool of $1500. These promotions were enough to attract players to try their hand and luck at Castle Siege. But the game itself is quite fun and thrilling so it was kind of double bonanza for fans along with the offers that came with the launch of this new slot game.

Lucky Dino Casino Adds New Payment Method https://www.morethanthegames.com/lucky-dino-casino-adds-new-payment-method/ Tue, 25 Nov 2014 05:26:47 +0000 https://morethanthegames.com/?p=123 An online casino in Finland, Lucky Dino has added a new payment method to make it easy for players to deposit money in their casino accounts. This new option for payments is known as Puggle Pay.

What is Puggle Pay?

Puggle Pay is a safe and secure method of making online payments and the company is promoting itself with it. It is rather convenient as there are no heavy setup forms to fill to open an account with Puggle Pay. People can use their phone for making payments. It is a Swedish company.

The best part of Puggle Pay is that customers don’t have to provide sensitive information such as bank account details or share their credit card numbers. All one needs is a mobile phone and the payments can be made from anywhere with ease. They also send an invoice immediately upon payment, which is sent through SMS, email and even post, if needed. Puggle Pay is designed to minimise fraudulent transactions.

How is Puggle Pay for casinos?

Using Puggle Pay, anyone can deposit money in their casino accounts in just a few minutes. Moreover, it is a completely safe and secure way to make payments, which makes it ideal for online casinos.

Online casinos often face issues related to payment safety and even end up losing some clients over payment issues. With Puggle Pay, players can make deposits safely. They also receive an invoice for the casino payments. Its payment policies suit consumers as they have provisions for glitches in the online payment system, if and when they arise. Another benefit of Puggle Pay for casino users is that it has good customer service and tech support. For any queries or concerns users can connect with the tech team to resolve their payment or other issues.

Lucky Dino has added a friendly payment option for its players, which is likely to be played out in favour of both the players and the casino, in terms of increased player traffic. A simple and safe payment options keeps players’ mind at ease, allowing them to concentrate on their games.