It is easy to get carried away at a gambling game inside of a casino. For example, poker and blackjack players become intensely involved in bluffing or determining if their opponents are bluffing. People playing the slot machines fall into a madness of inserting coin after coin. Craps is no different. People often get carried away cheering as a roller battles against the laws of probability to win big. This makes the game fun! However, it can make you forget to think about some of the small things involved in a game of craps. For example, the term for the five dot pattern on a side of one of the dice is called a “quincunx.” Who knew?

facts about craps

There are other fascinating factoids about the game of craps. Do you know how deep the dots are on a pair of dice? The dots are 17/1,000th of an inch deep. Also, the paint used to make the dots visible is calculated to weigh the same amount as the dice material lost in the drilling process. This makes the dice fair! Another factoid involves the slang used around a craps table. For example, sometimes you might hear somebody say, “Yo.” This word is used around the craps table to represent the dice showing the number eleven. This is to prevent confusion with the number seven. The numbers sound alike, and it is hard in a noisy casino to distinguish between the words. What a great idea!

There are lots of other fun tidbits of information about craps. If you really enjoy this gambling game, you should take the time to learn a little about its history. It can make fascinating conversation as you wait to join a game!

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