Gambling industry giant made an announcement stating that from now on they would be providing games being created by Swedish casino tech company Net Entertainment. Both companies had initiated the deal in 2014.

First time choosing to use third party games

BwinThis is the first time that has chosen to use a third party developer’s games. almost exclusively used to offer in-house games developed for them. Using this approach the company would dedicate funds to other parts of the company.

Being one of the few gaming companies to offer exclusively developed in-house games in the past, Bwin. the party has been unable to keep up the rate and frequency of newly desired games by the market and has fallen behind on the times. Constantly developing and producing new games takes up a large number of resources and manpower.

Using third party developer games, Bwin. the party will have the chance to refresh its array of games at a small fraction of the cost needed to create new in-house games.

Impressive line up

According to Bwin. party group director Golan Shaked, they have been extremely impressed with NetEnt’s content catalog as well as the graphic quality of their work. Bwin. the party embarked upon a journey to enhance their offerings by choosing to focus on upgrading their content and gaming platform.

Bwin. the party is one of the biggest online gambling companies in the industry. During recent times, the company experienced very little growth and expansion. Misappropriation and misallocation of resources and investments were to blame for the company’s state of affairs.

Net Entertainment is one of the biggest casino technology developers. The company is known for its high-quality games with innovative features and sleek, cutting-edge graphics.

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